About your Boat Safety Scheme certificate

A Boat Safety Scheme Certificate is valid for four years. An Annex XV Declaration of Conformity to Recreational Craft Directive can often be used for its first four years to support a boat registration and a Annex IIIa Declaration can be accepted for the first 12 months – but whichever is supporting your boat’s registration, the examination can be carried up to two months early. This page points to things you should know when arranging a BSS examination.

Make arrangements in advance

You can book an examination up to (but not exceeding) two months before your old certificate; or RCD Declaration of Conformity 4-year deadline runs out; or the Annex IIIa first year anniversary.

If your boat passes with two months or less left on your existing certificate, the examiner will post-date the new certificate to start from the date when either the old one expired;  the fourth anniversary of the DoC or first-year date of the Annex IIIa document.

This means you do not lose any of the full four-year, or one-year validity of the existing document as relevant.

We recommend taking advantage of this facility, because if your boat fails for any reason, you will still have some time to put things right.

The BSS calls this process forward dating – the full detail is here Advance Booking of Examinations

Is everything in place for the examination?

Even if you have no old certificate or DoC it is a good idea to contact an examiner well in advance of needing to get your boat licensed, registered or take up a mooring.

You need to consider if everything is ready for a full examination to take place such as: Can the examiner get to the boat? Does he need permission of any land owners? Are keys involved? Is there gas aboard? etc..

To help see a successful examination, please check out the advice on Preparing for examination,

We now include some important recommendations arising from the changes introduced 1 January 2013 concerning the checking of gas lockers and a.c. electrical shore-supply leads.

The receipt-style BSS Certificate from April 2013

The three-part carbon-copy Boat Safety Scheme Certificate (BSSC) stopped being issued in March 2013. Like car MOTS, BSS examiners now give boat owners a receipt-style certificate . This can be either on paper, or by electronic file, or both if you wish, please discuss your preferences with your examiner.

The navigation authority may still want to see a print-out or digital copy of your certification report. The authority is still likely to request your BSS examination report (BSSER) report number and its key details in any initial transaction.

Behind the change in the process is the access all participating navigation authorities have to the BSS online database to double check your boat’s certificate validity. Because the BSS does not hold any detail about who owns what boat, boat owners do not have access to the BSS database directly. However some navigation authorities have an an online system for anyone registering or licensing a boat for their waterways, where that person can view their own boat details through a secure webpage. These navigation authorities will have more details.

Looking for more information?

Please feel free to contact Bob for more details or you may wish to visit the official BSS website for official documentation relating to examinations.